• Mobile learning and BYOD are making it easier for students to learn, especially in math. Below is an alphabetical list of some favorite sites and apps to engage your students in learning:

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    4 Dice: Fraction Games—A great iOS app for learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. This game meets Common Core Standards and has Bluetooth capabilities to allow for two players across multiple devices.


    5 Dice: Order of Operations Game—A neat iOS app for practicing “order of operations.” The answer is given, and students need to figure out the equation. Some nice features include the email option for teachers to track students’ ability as well as a nice interactive whiteboard to help figure out the problem.


    ABCYA—A wonderful site and apps (grades K–5) for math, reading, and more.


    AplusMath—A nice site for math games, worksheets, and flashcards.


    BuzzMath Middle School—A fantastic iPad app for middle-school students who want to learn and practice math skills. When students get an answer wrong, BuzzMath shows them the correct answer and how to solve it. The app also supports “differentiated instruction” and has a website with a teacher portal for managing and tracking students.


    ClassPad—A new free online math tool that creates a digital scratch board to solve any math problem.


    Cookie—A great site with lots of educational games, including math games, for elementary-school students.


    DimensionU—This is one of my favorite sites for K–12 for developing math skills in all areas. This site uses cutting-edge technology to reinforce math skills in 3D games in safe, competitive environments.


    DragonBox—An excellent multi-platform site for teaching students Algebra in a fun and unique way. It starts out using pictures instead of numbers.


    Education Galaxy—An innovative online platform for grades K–6 that helps students achieve success in core subjects, including math.


    Fiete Math Climber—A nice iOS game that helps students with basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, and more.


    Funbrain—One of the most popular educational gaming sites on the Web.


    Grid Lines: Ordered Pair Game—Grid Lines is a unique and challenging game which has students plot order pairs/points on a four-quadrant grid. This is great for upper-elementary and middle-school students and has Bluetooth capability for multiplayer mode.


    iKnowIt—A new site that’s quickly becoming one of my favorites for interactive math problems for grades K–5.


    IXL—One of the most popular sites for math for grades K–8 as well as for learning Algebra and Geometry. Not only does this site have an educational portal for student tracking and reporting, but it has tons of lessons to choose from as well.


    Kidz Page—A nice site with lots of fun educational math games.


    King of Math—An interesting iOS game for middle-school math. Students answer questions and puzzles to level up their character.


    King of Math Defense—A wonderful math strategy game for basic math skills for grades K–8. Students defend a castle against monsters.


    Learning Games for Kids—A great site with lots of games for education.


    Lure of the Labyrinth—On this site designed for pre-Algebra students, they go on an amazing adventure to rescue their lost pet and avoid monsters. Not only does this app have a wide variety of lessons for middle-school students, but it’s also aligned to state standards.


    Fuel the Brain—A nice site with lots of different educational math games to choose from.


    Marble Math—This is a great iOS app that has students playing the old-fashioned marble tilt puzzle game to solve basic math problems (addition, subtraction, etc.) plus decimals and fractions. Users can either tilt their iOS device to move the marble or use their finger to guide their marble to the desired spot. Not only is this game highly addictive, but it’s also rather challenging in the upper levels.


    Math A Tube—A great resource for math students and teachers for all areas of math. There are videos and worksheets in addition to explanations of all sorts of math concepts (e.g., Geometry, decimals, fractions, etc.).


    Math and Sorcery—One of my favorite iOS games for learning basic math skills playing an old-school 8-Bit-style RPG.


    Math Castle—A super-fun iOS game for basic math skills that has players defend a castle from a dragon by answering equations.


    Math Champ—An innovative iOS app that turns a student’s iPad into a “buzzer” to answer questions before their classmate does. It does require a teacher to “host” the game and set up a class list. Math Chimp supplies all the Common Core State Standard questions from a wide variety of math problems.


    Math Game Time—A terrific site for grades K–7 with lots of educational games, worksheets, and videos.


    Math is Fun—A cool site for all things math, for grades K–12. It has more than just equations to solve.


    Math Leaper—A fun iOS game with detailed reporting that has students jumping higher and higher while learning basic math skills (grades pre-K–8).


    Math Minute Madness—A wonderful iOS app that focuses on basic math skills and has students trying to solve as many questions in a minute as they can to earn stars so they can add animals to their virtual zoo.


    Math Playground—A great site for finding math resources such as word problems, games, worksheets, flashcards, and more.


    Math Rescue—A fun iOS game that has students learning concepts of rounding and estimation while putting out fires.


    Math Run: Panda Chase—A nice iOS game for learning basic math skills, for grades K–5, following the popular “running” mobile platform style.


    MathEdge—An excellent iOS app for young learners working on their addition and subtraction skills through the use of flashcards.


    Milestone Math—An interesting iOS app that uses self-paced learning to help students with their math skills.


    Money Math Duel—A fun iOS game for helping students with math and learning how to make change.


    Mystery Math Town—This is one of my favorite unique iOS apps for building math skills. Ideally, this adventure is for kids 6–12 and focuses on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students enter a town and try to unlock levels and characters by not only solving equations but also by finding the variables to solve the given equation. This game is highly addictive and has very high replay value.


    Numbers League—A fantastic iPad app for students ages 5 and up that uses basic math skills to defeat a legion of evil superheroes. This interactive, comic-style game focuses on Common Core State Standards and can be used by students of all ages as the levels get progressively more difficult. Operation Math—This is a fun iPad app that focuses on basic math skills. Users try to stop an evil villain from stealing numbers by solving equations and locking his escape route. OM is a great game for kids ages 5–12 with high replay value that takes them to lots of geographic locations.


    Ordered Fractions—A fun iOS game that uses dice to roll random numbers and then has students put them in boxes to create fractions. Students have to compare these fractions to put them into ascending order.


    Play Kids Games—A nice site with lots of fun and engaging math games.


    Polyup—A new free site that uses game-based learning to help students in grades 3–12 with math.


    Prodigy—An excellent innovative math game for grades K–8 with real-time reporting.


    PurposeGames—A nice little site for educational games on a wide variety of subjects. Teachers can create their own games too.


    RoomRecess—A wonderful site for elementary students to learn basic math concepts through a wide variety of educational games.


    Sakura Quick Math—This is an ideal iOS app for grades 1–5 that focuses on all basic math skills. Not only does Sakura track students’ progress, but it also allows users to write answers directly on the iOS screen.


    Skip Math: Skip Counting Games—A fun iOS app similar to Doodle Jump, where students jump from platform to platform to count by numbers (e.g., 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.). Another neat feature is the ability to take a picture of yourself and put it on the game character.


    Sushi Monster—A nice iOS app for practicing addition and multiplication facts.

    YodelOh Math Mountain—A super-fun iOS app that focuses on basic math skills like addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. This game is a hoot and reminds me a lot of The Price Is Right game where the mountain climber tries to reach the top of the mountain before time runs out.

    Zapzapmath—An excellent site for math for grades K–6, with an educational portal for tracking student progress and generating detailed reports.