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    Flipgrid  Flipgrid Student Reflections Flipgrid Student Reflections  FlipGrid Student Reflections

     Ms. Walker's 7th Grade students using Flipgrid to reflect on their oral presentations

    I've known about FlipGrid for awhile, but was recently re-introduced to it by my colleague. It is a really cool tool to use with students in the classroom and here's why. FlipGrid gives students in your classroom a voice. It's a video discussion tool that allows them to communicate to you their thoughts or reflections on a topic via video. They can share and learn together from their peers with no added pressure of physically being in front of the classroom. It gives the quiet student in the class a chance to be heard.


    Flipgrid Forest Street School Teachers using Flipgrip to share what technology they use in the classroom.


    Student video posts are short and can be done from a tablet, cellphone, or laptop. Best of it is really easy to use. You create a grid, add topics for discussion, and students post their video response! Don't believe me, just watch the video below to get started.


    The Educator's Guide to Flipgrid

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    This FlipGrid Tutorial was created by my colleague T. Phipps. She did an amazing job putting this together. She absolutely gave me FlipGrid Fever and I couldn't wait to share it.

      Forest Students having fun using Flipgrid


    FlipGrid    Flipgrid


     Ms Romain's 3rd Grade Class uses Flipgrid to share what they've learned in Science Lab about the Water Cycle



    If you haven't already, I encourage you to "Get Flipgrid Fever"

    Using Flipgrid isn’t about recording videos...it’s about learning. Learning that is social, personal, can happen anywhere and anytime, about making connections, it’s deep exploration, and promotes that everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner.



    Getting Started with FlipGrid Presentation

    • Learn the LINGO
    • Explore Current FLIPGRIDS for Ideas
    • Create Your FlipGrid

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