How to find the right college for you!

  • Hello College Bound Students!

         If you are seeing this page, that means you are interested in higher education and that is AWESOME. This page is to serve you as a guide to finding the right college for you.


    You may ask:

    "What college is right for me?"

    "Do I want to stay local or go out of state"?

    "What do I want to study?"

    "How do I get into the most selective schools?"


    If you don't have any answers, it's ok! However, to help you answer these questions, apply to as many schools as you can! 


    Below you will find a huge list of schools in the Northeast and Southern USA. These schools are labeled based on their acceptance rate.


    Your goal is to get in to the most selective schools as possible.


    Selective schools offer more job connections, a variety of studies, social opportunities and are more likely to give you merit-based scholarships and need-based scholarships. 


     Apply to 20 schools or more in each category. 


    Click here to find the list of colleges and their selectivity. 


    Click here to find the list of best liberal arts colleges in the USA. 


    CLICK HERE to find the complete list of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities)