• Dear OHS Staff: 

    In an effort to ensure that there is a standard degree of uniformity of the resources for “Extended Learning,” attached is Extended Learning Web Page Standardization guidance with samples included. This is guidance from the District and includes links to sample pages from teachers/staff throughout the District. Keep in mind it is important for parents and students accessing our various sites across schools, teachers, grade levels, departments, and content areas to have consistency in the process as well as the overall quality of the instructional experience.  

    Remember that your staff web pages will now be Extended Learning Resources pages. As such the ‘typical’ process for navigating to a teacher’s emergency page should be as follows: 


    General Student Expectations 

    Student responsibilities in completing the assignments include: 

    • Identifying a comfortable and quiet space to study/learn 
    • Dedicating appropriate time to learning, as guided by your teachers 
    • Routinely checking appropriate Google Classrooms and emails for information on courses,                                                                       assignments, and resources, on a daily basis. 
    • Attending and participating in any check-in times offered by your teachers 
    • Engaging in the virtual platforms with academic honesty, integrity, and according to the district’s Acceptable Use Policy 
    • Submitting all assignments in accordance with provided timelines and/or due dates 



    Visit the school website -- Faculty -- (Select the teacher) – Extended Learning tab (or content is located directly on teacher’s homepage) 



    Alphonse Prophete


    Office Hours: 9am - 12pm     &   1pm -3pm

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    AP French  Languge and Culture - Period 1  Google: code7d6jnue   

    (Remind Code: 

    Foundation French - Period 2, --------------Google Code: sphxa4t

    Foundation of French - Period 3-------------Google Code: zrsebf4-

    Foundation of French - Period 6 ------------Google Code: cgbw63l 

    Frecnh 1----------------Period 8 -------------Google Code: uxx64h7