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    Working Paper Procedures

    Seven Steps in Obtaining Working Papers

    1.  You must have been hired for a job prior to starting your paperwork.

    2.  Pick up the Working Paper A300 Combined Certification Form from the OHS Guidance Office.  You may also download the forms from the link on the OHS website.

    3.  Complete section A:  Minor’s Personal Information  A parent/guardian signature is required.

    4.  Have the Employer complete Section B: Employment Information. The employer signature is required. 

    5.  Bring your working paper to your physician to complete Section C: Physician’s Certification.  If you have had a physical at OHS for athletic activities, that may be used for this section. You must obtain the information from the Nurse’s office.

    6.  Return the working paper to OHS with your proof of age.  Acceptable documents for Section D: Proof of Age include:

      1. Birth Certificate
      2. Baptismal Certificate
      3. Passport

              Not accepted as proof of age:  Driver’s License, Social Security Card

    7.  Once all sections A through C are completed in entirety and proof of age is ready to be presented, the remaining sections D: Proof of Age, E: School Record, and F: Issuing Officer Certification will be completed by school personnel. The school Issuing Officer will return to you a copy of the working paper. A copy will be kept on file at OHS.  

    (If previous completed working papers are on file, steps 5 and 6 do not need to be completed again.  A copy of the previous working paper will be kept with the new form.)


    As required by New Jersey, the working paper will also be mailed to: 

    Division of Wage and Hour Compliance

    NJ Department of Labor

    PO Box 389

    Trenton, NJ 8625-0389

    Working Paper Procedure

    Working Paper Form

    Parent's Guide to Child Labor Laws

Last Modified on September 25, 2019