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Parent and Student Resources for Classes / Extended Learning Plan

  • *** For all student class information and resources please log into my Genesis Classroom Google Classroom

    Students, and parents please copy your correct Google Classroom code from your class' period below:

    Class codes:
    Drawing I Period   1 - qgh4yur
    Drawing I Period   3 - vkkfwp7
    Drawing I Period   4 - bspnhgo
    Drawing I Period   5 - hhkunvq
    Drawing I Period   6 - yfcplni
    Illustration Period 7 - veerpi2

    Google classroom with be updated on a regular basis with information pertaining to your class needs, and to keep pace with instruction.

     *** Parents who need to view my Google Classroom simply need to use your child's class code, and access.


    *** All students are required to register online at to stay in touch with teachers.

    Students, and parents please copy your correct Remind Class code from your class' period below:

    Remind Class Codes:

    Drawing I Period   1 - 3ec7d4
    Drawing I Period   3 - 8392b8
    Drawing I Period   4 - 979hb2
    Drawing I Period   5 - 84h42k
    Drawing I Period   6 - h7f323
    Illustration Period 7 - 8ae2ab

    ** Downloadable course syllabi are available Google Classroom


Last Modified on March 16, 2020