ESL Curriculum

  • "Welcome" to all our ESL students!

    For the Orange High School academic school year 2019-2020, we will offer 4 levels of ESL courses based on the student's level of English language proficiency: Newcomers' Academy I, Newcomers' Academy II, ESL Intermediate, and ESL Advanced.  

    Students will follow an English-language learning program which supports the 4 language domains for listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Instruction and rubrics are aligned with the Common Core Standards and the WIDA Consortium.  We currently incorporate the Keystone Longman Series A, B, and C textbooks and workbooks, Scholastic's READ 180 readers, and the ACCESS English textbook and workbook.  Rosetta Stone and Reading Plus are software programs also being used for interactive English language practice.  In combination with a dedicated teacher, these resources will assist our students to improve phonics, recognize greater vocabulary, read lexile-level appropriate books, build reading stamina, sharpen reading comprehension skills, and increase overall fluency.  

    Additional written projects will be assigned quarterly as authentic assessments in order to build on personal, informational, persuasive, and argumentative writing styles.  Writing must be a priority for all students across all disciplines.  Students will also be expected to present their projects to an audience for oral assessments.

    I look forward to an exciting, productive, and successful 2019-2020 TORNADO of a year!!            

    Vamos Tornados!!  Allons Tornades!!  Let's Go Tornadoes!!

    Ms. Alvarez,

    ESL teacher