This month: In November I have an exciting month planned for your child.  We are continuing the year by making sure we read for 30 minutes at home daily ( 60 minutes on the weekend).  It is very important that we do this to help our students become fluent readers.  We will be reading for at least 30 a day in class as well.   In addition we will be writing daily.  Practicing writing at home is essential to build better writers and prepare for second grade. The first genre of writing we are working on is narratives, but we will also be writing about informational text.  We will also read two books in class this month ( Freddy the Frocaster and Wild Weather).  We will be reading and writing and thinking about the texts in a number of differnt ways. Please ask your child about the readings its important to do this so they can discuss with you what they are doing in calss.     

    We will also be exploring math concepts and strategies for addition and subtraction this month.  Students will be using number bonds and  learning a number bond song to the tune of Jingle Bells ( Part, part, whole.... Part, part, whole... means to add means to add... ) This is the first part of the song, the second part has to do with subtraction, we will learn that a little later. Students will also be expected to count on from a number and count back from a number. 

    In addition we will explore air and weather in science and communities in social studies.  Please remember to ask your child what they learned in school today :)   


    *Side note, if you can send a snack with your child to school that would be helpful.  They eat lunch pretty early (10:45) and by the end of the day they are a bit hungary.  If you can send a healthy snack for the class that would also be helpful (sometimes students forget their snack and it would be nice if eveyone could have a little something to snack on) fruits, vegetables, chips and crackers are acceptable.  Sugary snacks and cndy are not welcome and will be sent back home.  Thanks in advance for your thoughtful contributions.

    Hope to see you all very soon at  parent teacher conferences!

     This is a very important time in our childrens' lives.  We want to continue to make them life long learners.  If we work together and assist each other we will reach great heights.  I am looking forward to a great year with you all.  
    Ms. Walker