• Welcome Parents!

    Welcome to a new school year!

    I want to welcome returning and new parents/guardians to our school.  My name is Mrs. Moinvil and I am the Community School Coordinator here at Park Avenue School. I have been part of this school community for 15+ years and have raised 2 children who were part of this school district as well.  My role includes serving as the liaison between the school and the parents.  Family engagement is essential in helping students achieve success.  I'm here to help you connect and understand our school.  Throughout the course of the year, I will  keep in contact with you by either e-mail, a letter home with your child/ren, calendars, flyers, letters about events, or class-dojo. Also, look out for a variety of free workshops that will be offered to families during the school year. 

    I will assist you in resolving issues and concerns or even ideas that you may have and, with the help of the leadership staff inside the school, we will find a solution. I ask parents to take some time and make an effort to participate in our workshops, meetings and activities.  If you have any questions, my door is always open. This is a team effort and I 'm here to make you, your child/ren and our school the best working team possible.  All of us at Park Avenue School are very happy that you and your child are part of our family. 

    Feel free to contact me at (973) 677-4000 Ext. 17105.  Thank you for your commitment to your child's future success and let's look forward to a great school year.

    Mrs. Moinvil