Sandra Layton
    4th/5th Grade ELA

    Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to the Extended Learning Resource Page.  This page was created to provide students working from home with access to assignments, links, assessments, and practice resources.  Schools will be closed from Tuesday, March 17 – Friday, March 27.  Additional information and daily updates can be found on the district’s COVID-19 Resource Page found at https://www.orange.k12.nj.us/domain/3058.



    The Orange Public Schools Expectations for Emergency At-home Instruction

    Office Hours

    I will be available daily to answer any questions you may have. 

    My virtual Office Hours are as follows:

    Monday - Friday

    Should you have any questions about assignments, you can contact me through the following channels:

    Email:  laytonsa@orange.k12.nj.us


    Teachers can be contacted through Class Dojo as well


    Extended Learning Resources

    Below are the links and codes to my Google Classrooms

    Assignments will be posted by 9AM each Monday for the week. 

    Each assignment contains a due date.

    Please note, parents will be contacted if students are not completing assignments.

    Assignments will be graded and recorded.

    Google Classroom

     Fifth Grade ELA Class Code namfdoe
    Mrs. Layton's HR Class Code irx76i
    Ms, Beaghen's HR Class Code gozybig
    Reading Plus, Edulastic, Brainpop
    Please go to Google Classroom then go to each subject to find your daily assignment.
    All questions will be answered in Google Classroom.
    If you DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM, you can take a picute and upload it to Class Dojo or email it.
     ELA Assignments for Wednesday, April 1st
    Fourth Grade
    Complete the TDQ for An Incomplete Revolution
    Reading Plus
    Fifth Grade
    Write a proof paragraph
    Complete a Reading Plus Lesson
    ELA Assignments for Tuesday, March 31st
    Fifth Grade:
    Join me at 10 am for a Google Meeting. Together, we will read and discuss pages 20-21
    1. Read Pages 20-21 of Promises to Keep.
    2. Add to yesterday's chart by finding evidence to support courage and conviction.
    3. Reread pages 18-21. Complete the text dependent questions.
    Fourth Grade:
    1. Reread "An Incomplete Revolution."
    2. Log on to Spelling City on Clever. Complete ALL the assigned activities for "An Incomplete Revolution."
    3. When you are finished, select on of the vocabulary words from the list. Write a meaningful sentence for that word in the comment section below.
    4. Complete a Reading Lesson Lesson
    ELA Assignments for Monday, March 30th
    Fifth Grade
    Join me at 10 am for a Google Meeting. Here is the code: meet.google.com/jyk-jein-cbk Together, we will read pages 18-19 and discuss some personal qualities that led to Jackie Robinson's success.
    1. Read pages 18-19 of Promises to Keep.
    2. Start the attached chart: Factors for Success. We will be adding information to this same chart everyday. Today you will add supporting details from determination.
    3. Complete the Lesson 5 Exit Ticket in Google Forms. IF YOU WANT TO GET A GRADE ON IT...PUT YOUR NAME ON IT!
    4. Complete a Reading Plus Lesson-THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL
    Fourth Grade
    Please join me at 9:00 for a Google Meet session. I will post the code. Together, we will read "An Incomplete Revolution," and discuss the gist of each section!
    1. Read the attached, "Incomplete Revolution." As you read, think about the gist of each section.
    2. Complete the Exit Ticket.
    3. Complete a Reading Plus Lesson.
    ELA Assignments for Thursday, March 26, 2020
    Fourth Grade
    1. Read pages 4-5 of Divided Loyalties. (You each received a copy of the book)
    2. Complete Part One of the Module One, Unit One, Mid Point Assessment.
    3. Complete a Reading Plus Lesson (YOUR MUST HAVE   5  for the week by 3 tomorrow)
    Fifth Grade
    1. Reread pages 14-17.
    2. Write a summary of "Signs of Hope." Use the attached checklist to guide your writing. Start your summary on the top of the page, so that the rubric in under the summary.
    3.Use the summary rubric to self assess your own work.
    4. Complete a Reading Plus lesson. (YOU MUST HAVE 5 Reading Plus lessons by 3 pm Friday)
    ELA Assignment for Wednesday, March 25, 2020
    Fifth Grade
    1. Reread pages 14-17 of Promises to Keep.
    2. Complete the the text dependent questions.
    3. Log onto Clever. Go to Brainpop. Watch the assigned video on verb tense and take the quiz.
    Fourth Grade
    Grammar Review: Many of you have been forgetting capitalization rules. Here is some practice.
    1. Watch the Brainpop video.
    2. Complete the quiz and worksheet.
    3. Complete a Reading Plus Lesson.
    ELA Assignments for Tuesday, March 24, 2020
    Fifth Grade:
    1. Watch my video. I read pages 14-15 aloud and figured out the main idea of that section. (Don't worry I will not quit my day job and become a Youtuber)
    2. Read pages 14-17 of Promises to Keep. As you read, think about the main idea of pages 14-15 and pages 15-16. Remember the main idea is what the text is mostly about.
    3. Click on the Google Form below to complete questions based on pages 14-17.
    4. Complete a Reading Plus lesson.
    Fourth Grade
    1. Read "Revolutionary War Part One" and "Revolutionary War Part Two." and read PDF pages 12 & 28 "Colonial Voices Here Them Speak."
    2. Complete the highlighted boxes in the "Who Were the Patriots and What Did They Believe Chart."
    3. Complete the Exit Ticket (Comprehension Check) in Google Forms
    4. Complete a Reading Plus Lesson (Remember to complete 5 a week)
    ELA Assignments fro Monday, March 23, 2020
    Fifth Grade
    1. Please review the feedback I gave you on the Mallie Robinson essay from Friday. Using that feedback, revise and edit the essay. Remember to use the checklist.
    2. Copy and paste the attached rubric into your document. YOU MUST DO THIS!! Score yourself by highlighting your score in each category.
    3. Notify me on Google Classroom in the Class Comments when you are done.
    4. Complete a Reading Plus Lesson.
    Fourth Grade:
    1. Reread "The Loyalists."
    2. Read the attached pages from "Colonial Voices Hear Them Speak"
    3. Use the checklist provided to write an information essay on Loyalists.
    ELA Assignments for March 20th
    Fifth Grade
    1. Reread pages 10-13 of Promises to Keep.
    2. Complete the essay on Mallie Robinson. Use the checklist to help guide your writing. Please use some of the key vocabulary words in your essay.
    3. When you are done, copy and past the Rubric onto the bottom of your essay. Score yourself by highlighting your score in each category. The add up the numbers. This highest possible score is 16.
    Fourth  Grade:
    1. Reread "The Loyalists."
    2. Use the attached checklist and anchor chart to write a summary. Please proofread your summary. You must capitalize names, places and historical events. Read your work out loud to make sure it makes sense. Use the spellcheck tool.
    3. Use the attached rubric to score yourself. Add the score to the bottom of your summary.
    ELA assignmnts for March 19th
    Fourth Grade:
    1. Watch the text structure video. Remember text structure is how an author organizes the text.
    Read the section, "Loyalists," at least two times.
    2. Read "The Loyalists." Determine the gist of each section. Remember the gist is short and written in your own words. It should include important names, dates and places.
    3. Review the text structure anchor chart. Answer the MC questions in Google Classroom.
    4. Log into Clever and complete another assigned vocabulary activity for Revolutionary War Vocabulary Week One.
    ELA Assignments for March 18th
    Fifth Grade:
     1. Reread pages 8-9 of Promises to Keep.
    2. Write a two paragraph summary of pages 8-9. Review the attached anchor chart and your graphic organizer from yesterday to help organize your summary. Make sure you follow the anchor chart to write a proper topic sentence. Each paragraph should focus on one main idea.
    3. Log onto clever and complete the vocabluary activities for "Promises to Keep Vocabulary One."
    Fourth Grade
    1. Watch the flocabulary video on text structure. 
    2. Reread pages Revolutionary War Part One. 
    3. Complete all "When, What and Why," Chart and the Summary in Google Classroom. 
    ELA Assignments for Tuesday, March 17, 2020
    1. Watch the Brainpop video on Jim Crow.
    2. Read pages 8-9 of "Promises to Keep."
    3. Complete the attached workbook pages in Google Classroom.  (Student without a computer: WB pages 5-9 and Packet Questions 5-7)
    4. One Reading Plus Lesson. Make sure you have 5 lessons a week. Your average score will be a quiz grade!
    Fourth Grade ELA:
    1. Read, "Revolutionary War, Part 1." Complete all activities in the Google Document.
    2. Log onto Clever. Complete one assigned vocabulary activity for Revolutionary War Vocabulary Week One. 

    Student responsibilities in completing the assignments include:

    • Identifying a comfortable and quiet space to study/learn
    • Dedicating appropriate time to learning, as guided by your teachers
    • Routinely checking appropriate Google Classrooms and emails for information on courses,assignments, and resources, on a daily basis.
    • Attending and participating in any check-in times offered by your teachers
    • Engaging in the virtual platforms with academic honesty, integrity, and according to the district’s Acceptable Use Policy
    • Submitting all assignments in accordance with provided timelines and/or due dates

    Welcome Back to School!