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    1957 Class Photo
    1957 Classroom Photo

    Park Avenue School opened in 1883. At the time, the structure was 100' x 150'. The property was purchased for $3,900. The building was erected for $18,997.22. It had 13 classrooms, and a capacity for 614 pupils taught by a staff of 14. By 1920, the student body had grown to 765, and five classrooms were added.

    Park Avenue School has a scrapbook of newspaper articles dating back to the 1940s. Here is a small sample of events that have taken place at Park Avenue Elementary School over the past 70+ years...

    1946- Students developed citizenship skills by becoming Patrol members.

    1947- Students made contributions to the Friendship Train. They collected 27 pounds of sugar, one pound of sweet potatoes, and many other items.

    1948- Students at Park Avenue School wrote stories about their fathers who were overseas.

    1957- A student attended a Yankee baseball game and shows his classmates the baseball he had signed by the whole team, including Mickey Mantle.

    1973- Park Avenue received sports equipment from Al Attles, coach of the Golden State Warriors.

    2007 - Park Avenue Elementary School moved to Mt. Carmel School while the school was remodeled.
    2009 - The NEW Park Avenue School was opened.