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    Hailey Arbus, MA, Ed.S, LAC
    School Counselor

    973-677-4000, ext. 17810


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     Hello Families and Students,

    Welcome to The Guidance page at Park Ave. My name is Ms. Arbus, I am the school counselor here. Some of you may know me or at least have seen me around the school, but you may not know exactly what a school counselor does. A school counselor is here to help you with many different things. Yes, it’s true a school counselor tends to focus on helping with school-based issues. These issues can be things such as bullying, homework, studying, school and test anxieties, grades, organization, careers, and colleges (just to name a few). However, I am here for much more than that! It is my job to ensure the emotional well-being of every student in this school. This means, that while I am always here to talk about school, I can also help you with life, friendship, and family issues as well! I offer school-based individual counseling as well as groups and I understand that sometimes we have life issues outside of school that may affect our learning. You can come see the school counselor to learn to navigate and understand feelings, get help with family issues, talk about your worries and anxieties, talk about issues you may be having with a friend and get overall emotional support. No issue is too small or too big and you should NEVER feel like you have to go through something by yourself!   

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