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    Dear Students

     I am always here to help! I offer individual counseling as well as counsleing groups!
    The times and dates of these groups can be found outide the Guidance suite 😊 These Groups are:


    -Chatting with Ms. Arbus-Counseling Group- (Learning to deal with issues in and out of school)


    -Bullying Prevention- (Learning about bullying, what is it and how to stop it from happening)


    -Sunshine Group- Grief and Troubles group- (Learning to deal with sadness and helping others by bringing happiness to them)


    -School Leadership Team- (Being a leader in our school and leading by example)


    -Girls Group (5th,6th,7th)- (Learning to deal with girl issues, respect for other girls, and self-respect)


    You will also find differnt worksheets and resources on my homepage under this link  😊