• Mr. Paul Halligan
    5th, 6th and 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher





    Parents, students, and others who have come here,

    Welcome back to Park Avenue School and in-class learning. Hopefully, over the past year and a half, we have all grown in learning to use technology as it is linked to schooling. But now we are able to return to class and I am overjoyed as I hope you and your children are also.

    As to my class website:
    Social Studies and History are a passion of mine. I hope
    your children will learn to love them as much as I do.

    I plan on having the students learn about the world around them as well as the country they live in. Geography and current events will be covered in depth. Besides learning historical and current event topics, there will be an emphasis on vocabulary and writing.


    Just a few things as parents you should note. I almost always have homework. It may only be reading but there will usually always be something to complete. If your child tells you continuously that they have no homework in my class, please feel free to reach out to me by Email or phone. I suggest you check my homework page which I try to keep updated on a daily basis. To keep an eye on your child's grades you should make sure you are signed up to the Parent Portal in our office. Through the portal you will be able to see your student's grade in all of their subjects. Hopefully this keeps you up to date on any problems they may be having in my class.

    If you have any questions or suggestions about the site

     or about how your child is doing, please E-mail me or as

     always, come into Park Avenue to chat anytime.


    Yours in education,


    Paul Halligan