• Social Studies Ancient Civilization Project

    Students will choose an Ancient Civilization to do a project on. Reports can be on - Egypt, Arabia, Mesopotamia, Indus River Valley, China, Mayan, Aztec, Rome, Greece, or the Middle Ages. Once students have chosen their civilizations, they will build a project of some kind that relates to the civilization of choice. Projects can be of buildings or events that occurred during the civilization. All projects must be approved by Mr. Halligan before start. Students will also be required to complete a written report that will accompany their project. Student will be required to present their project and give an oral presentation of it in front of class (2-3 minutes long). Complete Project will count as 2 test grades.

    Project and Written Report –(Minimum 3 page typed, 14 Font single spaced) Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation required. Students will be required to include a bibliography of sources used. Please respond thoroughly to the following:



    • What civilization is being depicted?

    • What time period? Time Line required.

    • Historical importance?

    • What is the historical significance of your project and civilization?

    • How does your project connect to your civilization and its history.

    • Are there connections to the present?

    • Why did you choose this civilization and/or event?

    Project is Due on February 4/5


    Social Studies Ancient Civilization Project


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