• Students in the winter of 2023 completed projects and wrote research papers on Ancient Civilizations of their own choice. Students could choose from  Mesopotamia,  Egypt,  China, Indus River Valley, Greece, Rome, Arabia, Central America (Aztec, Olmec, Mayan), Inca, or the Middle Ages. Here are their projects.

    Ancient EgyptRoman ColoseumRosetta StonePyramidsRoman ColosseumNile RiverPyramidMummificationPyramidsLeaning tower of PisaThe SphinxTemple of HatshepsutGreat Wall of ChinaCopan RuinsHanging Garden of BabylonsAncient EgyptMayan PyramidPyramidsGreat Wall of ChinaMayan PyramidPyramids and MummificationMummificationMummificationRoman ColosseumPharoahs of Egypt