• Students in the winter of 2024 completed projects and wrote research papers on Ancient Civilizations of their own choice. Students could choose from  Mesopotamia,  Egypt,  China, Indus River Valley, Greece, Rome, Arabia, Central America (Aztec, Olmec, Mayan), Inca, or the Middle Ages. Here are their projects.

    CastleIndus RiverMayan TemplePyramidsGreat Wall of ChinaChichen ItzaColoseumGreat Wall of ChinaPyramids

    Machu Pichu

    Mayan TempleGreek TemplePyramidsMayan TempleGreat Wall Of CHinaMummificationGreat Wall of ChinaMummificationCanopic JarPyramidStep Pyramid-EgyptRoman TempleRosetta StoneAncient ChinaSphinxEgyptPyramidsHatshepsutGreat Wall of ChinamummificationEgyptMummificationGreek TemplePyramidPyramid