• Park Avenue's School Leadership Team and Data Team Members

    Ms. Natasha Cox, Principal

    Ms. April Stokes, Assistant Principal

    Ms. Jaime Parziale, Technology Coordinator

    Ms. Melanie Jones, Special Education Teacher

    Ms. Carlee Lopez, Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Cynthia Walker, 1st Grade Teacher

    Ms. Sandra Layton, 4th Grade/ELA and SS

    Ms. Maria Beaghen, 4th Grade/Math and Science

    Mrs. Roshawna Minault, 3th Grade/ELA and SS

    Mrs. Jessica Curran, 3rd Grade/Math and Science

    Mrs. Athena Marin, Pre-School Early Intervention Teacher

    Mrs. Marie Moinvil, Community School Coordinator

    Mrs. Haley Arbus, Guidance Counselor

    Ms. Tiffany Jervis, Secretary

    Meetings are held the third Monday of each month from 3:10-4:30.