• Hello parents/guardians. Welcome to Ms. Walker's First Grade Class!

    Ms. Cynthia Walker
    Room 227




    Ms. Walker Dear First Grade Parents,


    Welcome to Ms. Walker's first grade class.  I am glad to have you here. I would like to wish you and your child a successful and productive school year.  If you have any questions, please feel free to message me through Class Dojo or e-mail me with your concerns at walkercy@orange.k12.nj.us. 


    The class supply list is posted on my school website headed class supply list.  Please note that the items you supply will be used according to my discretion, this means it will given out and used as needed by all of the children in the class.  This is a classroom community and we must treat it that way.


    Homework is posted daily on the school website under Walker, Cynthia as well as on class Dojo.  Upcoming events and projects are also posted there.  Homework is posted weekly.  Please check past due assignments for the weeks homework.  The date is always posted.

    When we work together we can achieve great things! Let's begin working together to make this the best year ever!


    Today's Work:

    March 13, 2020

    ELA: Students should go on i-Read for 20 minutes. After students go on i-Read, they will read Dear Children Of The Earth pages 6-10. Students will answer the questions What happens when many people do a little thing? What does the earth want every person to STOP doing?.

    Math: Students will complete Module 4 Lesson 17. You will listen to the youtube video Lesson 17 Video. After watching the video, students will complete Lesson 17 in the workbook page 71-72 This can be found on the Great Minds website under Student ClassWork, Homework and Templates. Students must complete the exit ticket page 17, which can be found on the Great Minds website under Sprint and Fluency, Exit Ticket and Assessment Materials. Students also need to complete 20 minutes of i-Ready.


    Spanish translation:

    ELA: Los estudiantes deben ir a i-Read durante 20 minutos. Después de que los alumnos inicien i-Read, leerán Dear Children Of The Earth, páginas 6-10. Los estudiantes responderán las preguntas ¿Qué sucede cuando muchas personas hacen algo pequeño? ¿Qué quiere la tierra que toda persona deje de hacer?
    Matemáticas: los estudiantes completarán el Módulo 4, Lección 17. Escucharán el video de YouTube. Después de ver el video, los estudiantes completarán la Lección 17 en el libro de trabajo de la página 71-72. Esto se puede encontrar en el sitio web de Great Minds en Student ClassWork, Homework and Templates. Los estudiantes deben completar el boleto de salida página 17, que se puede encontrar en el sitio web de Great Minds en Sprint y Fluidez, Boleto de salida y Materiales de evaluación. Los estudiantes también deben completar 20 minutos de i-Ready.