• Ms. Walker

    Grade 1

    Homework Policy

    Students are expected to complete all homework assignments daily and all projects (when given).  Students will also be expected to complete homework over the weekend,  which will be either science or social studies.  Please remember all homework will be collected and some will be graded and put into the gradebook.  These grades will count toward your child's grade, but they do not make up their entire grade. (They will also be expected to complete all classwork assignments as well as tests and quizzes.)  Homework is a way for first graders to study what they are learning in class at home.  It  will help them when it is time for them to be assessed and build their knowledge of things they will be doing throughout the year. Please allow your child to work on it as independently as possible, struggle is good and getting things wrong is the way we learn.   

    Homework is intended to help your child practice what they are learning while they are at home and not "in class". Students will be given two days to make up for homework if they forget it at school, are absent, or if they lose it.  They may be kept in at lunch and or from their special time to make up for missing work.  If your child is unable to do the work at home, please do not worry. If you like you and send an email or give me a call if necessary, to let me know why the work is incomplete. If you and your child are consistently doing the work and trying, eventually you and your child will be able to do the work correctly.  Do not give up and please do not allow your  child to give up. Remember,  learning is a process! 

    Helpful Homework Hints

    • 1. Set a time for homework every day.
    • 2. Check your child's folder every day.
    • 3. Try, even if you are confused, don't be afraid to make a mistake.
    • 4. Ask your child what they remember, they will probably know what to do.
    • 5. Let your child lead and listen to them. Remember they are the student, they know what they are learning in school everyday. 

    It's Homework Time