PARENT "4-1-1": Welcome parents & students! This area is for parents to keep up to date with what is going on with their 7th grade students. 
    Below please find websites you can use to improve your typing skills as well as the PARCC practice site. 
    Typing practice:
    State Test practice:
    7th Grade Language Arts Materials:
    Reading Suggestions: 
    Reading Plus: 
    Students should be working on their Reading+ assignments daily. They are responsible for 5 See-Readers per week and this counts as a weekly reading comprehension grade. Students can log into this site using their clever accounts. 
    I-Ready: The students should also be logging into their I-ready accounts weekly. It is mandatory that they complete at least 45 minutes on I-ready per week in Language Arts {minimum of one completed assignment. Students can log into this site using their Clever accounts as well.
    Google Accounts: Every student has a google acount. We use Google classroom for all of our online learning and to submit our writing assignments. The students will be using these accounts daily to check for assignments as well as to join google meets for live lessons.
    Ms. Catanzarite's & Mrs. Alexander Taylor's google accounts: 
    Class Dojo Parent Communication Forum: In order to receive updates or communicate with me, you may join remind online or the remind app. Please use the appropriate code for your child's class/block to join.
    Online resources to use for research: 
    user name: orangerpcs
    password: 07050
    user name: rpcssirs
    password: 07050
    Parents & students may contact me on my school email if they have any questions about the homework, online reading assignments or long range projects. I will respond from 8am-8pm on weekdays and 5pm-8pm on weekends.