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    Dear Parents and Guardians: 


    Please make sure that your student is completing their five See Readers each week. Students should be reading at home. We have been reading Bud, Not Buddy

    If you missed the parent conference night and want to come talk, please send me an email and we can make arrangements. 


    1. Students are assigned five See Readers a week. They get time in school to complete this work. These readings count toward          their grade, so please encourage them to complete the readings. I am here early if they need to come before school to                    work.They can also complete i-read at home if they wish. 

    2. Students should be reading what they love and what is on their reading level at home. Take them to the library and invite them        to take out books they are interested in.

    3. Always make sure students get plenty of sleep.


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    My contact information is: