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    Some things to make 6th Grade easier: 

    1) I get to school very early in the morning. Students are welcome to come up to my classroom for extra help or to

        use the chromebooks. 

    2) We are reading Frightful's Mountain. This book is also available on Youtube to listen to. 

    3) Students are also learing how to make a research based claim. We are doing a lot of writing in ELA. Learning to

        organize your writing helps you to organize your thinking.  

    4) Homework is given depending on how much we finish in class each week. Students will oftten be asked to take

        home what is not completed in class.  

    5) Students still must read five See Readers on Reading Plus each week, and they will be graded as either

        classwork or homework.

    6) Students are currently workin on two major assignments which are very important for their fourth marking

        period grades. They can work on these at home.  

    7) Please contact me with any concerns or questions. 


    It is very important to keep reading over the summer. Students wishing to borrow book over

    the summer are welcome to do so. Please ask your student to come and borrow a book from me. 


    Please join my Remind page at:


    My contact information is: