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    Dear Parents and Guardians: 

    Thank you for attending Back to School Night. It was a pleasure meeting all of you. As a follow up to what we discussed, please find more useful information on helping your 6th grader to succeed in ELA.  

    Students have started, and are well into, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. This is a very rich novel with many connections to mythology. In addition to being exposed to Greek mythology, students are also exploring the archetypal  "hero" as presented by Joseph Campbell. During this module, students are working on citing evidence in their analysis of text, using various methods to help determine the meaning of unfamiliar vocabualry,  as well as making inferences. Our writing will focus on narrative. Some pointers to help your student are as follows: 


    1. Students should read chapters when they are assigned. This is the only way to prepare them for the lessons                                  that follow. 

    2. Students are assigned five See Readers a week. They get time in school to complete this work. These readings count toward            their grade, so please encourage them to complete the readings. I am here early if they need to come before school to work. 

    3. Students should be reading what they love and what is on their reading level at home. Take them to the library and invite them        to take out books they are interested in.

    4. Always make sure students get plenty of sleep.


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