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    Mrs. Ellen Brandt 6th Grade ELA

     Moving along in Sixth Grade

    Our current module focuses on: 

    "Seeing the world through the eyes of animals."  22150369 


    Throughout the module, "Through an Animal's Eyes", students will learn about animals' lives in relationship to humans. They will read various texts about animals to develop opinions about the ways humans interact with animals and how we treat them. Students will gather and synthesize evidence from the articles and literature they have read throughout the module to formulate written arguments that fully elaborate their positions.


    In sixth grade, students are expected to behave according to our rules, which are posted on the wall. Together, the students and I discussed and wrote our classroom rules based on the simple premise of respect.  The students then signed a contract which I have posted on the wall. This is a classroom tool to which I refer frequently. If a student must be spoken to on a regular basis, I will contact their parents or guardian.



    Homework is given on a regular basis in 6th grade. In addition to what is assigned, students are expected to read for at least 20 minutes each night, and to log in their “reading logs.” Homework is graded and counted as part of their overall grade. It is usually due the next day, unless otherwise instructed.  


    The district has a grading policy to which I will adhere.  I grade work using either the check system (rubric posted on the wall) or using points. Some assignments are valued at a higher point value than others.

    Tests – 25% 

    Quizzes – 20% 

    Classwork – 20% 

    Authentic Assessment – 25% 

    Homework – 10%


    Students are not members of my Google Classrooms and WILL have to join.

    They will be able to do this from their Chrome books in school. 

    I can be reached via Class DoJo or email. My email address is brandtel@orange.k12.nj.us


    CLEVER - I-Ready 

    Students are responsible for 4 lessons and they must achieve 75% or better