• Ms. R. Gomez

    6th Grade Mathematics

    Email: Gomezros@orange.k12.nj.us




                                                            Mandatory Summer Assignments (Grades 3-11)



    MANDATORY SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS (Mathematics & Science)


    Dear Parents,


    Beginning the week of July 13th through the end of August, students currently enrolled in grades 3-12 will receive Mathematics and Science assignments virtually and on a weekly basis. These assignments are mandatory

    and will be considered for grading in Marking Period 1 upon our return in the new school year.


    (Note: For Students enrolled in one of the district’s academic summer school programs (District or school level), participation in this experience is optional.)


    The expectation is that students

    (a) join their designated class (see below),

    (b) log into the classroom beginning on July 13,

    (c) check back weekly for newly released tasks and experiences, and complete all assignments and

    (d) utilize the Live Help as needed.



     Current Grade 6 Math & Science:

    Google Class Code: miwwjjw

    Google Class Link:https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/MTIwMzM4Njg1NTM3




    Tareas de Verano Obligatorias (Grados 3-11, Matemáticas y Ciencias)

    Queridos padres,


    A partir de la semana del 13 de julio hasta finales de agosto, los estudiantes actualmente matriculados en los grados 3-11 recibirán tareas de Matemáticas y Ciencias virtualmente y semanalmente. Estas tareas son obligatorias y será considerado para calificar en el Período de calificación 1 a nuestro regreso en el nuevo año escolar.


    (Nota: Para los estudiantes inscritos en uno de los programas académicos de verano del distrito (nivel de distrito o escuela), la participación en esta experiencia es opcional).

    La expectativa es que los estudiantes

    (a) se unan a su clase designada (ver más abajo),

    (b) inicie sesión en la aula a partir del 13 de julio,

    (c) revise semanalmente las tareas y experiencias recién lanzadas, y complete todas las tareas y

    (d) utilizar la Ayuda en vivo según sea necesario.


    Grado actual 6 Matemáticas y Ciencias:

    Código de clase de Google: miwwjjw

    Enlace de clase de Google: https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/MTIwMzM4Njg1NTM3




    Devwa Obligatwa Pou Sesyon Ete a (Matematik ak Syans)

    Chè Paran,

    Apati semèn 13 Jiyè a rive fen mwa out la, elèv ki enskri kounye a nan klas 3-12 ap resevwa devwa Matematik ak Syans pwatikman chak semèn. Devwa sa yo obligatwa epi yap konsidere li kòm nòt pou 1ye peryòd klas la lè nou retounen nan nouvo ane lekòl la.

    (Remak:  si gen elèv ki enskri nan pwogram lekòl ete distri a (distri oswa nivo lekòl la), patisipasyon nan sesyon sa a volontè

    Sa nou espere de elèv yo:


    (a) rantre nan klas yo deziyen yo a (lyen klas yo anba a),

    (b) antre nan salklas la apati 13 Jiyè.

    (c) tcheke chak semèn pou nouvo travay pwofesè a bay epi ranpli tout devwa yo

    (d) sèvi ak èd ki gen tit "Live Help" sou platfòm lan jan sa nesesè.


     6yèm Ane Klas Matematik ak Syans:

    Nimewo Klas la sou platfòm Google: miwwjjw

    Lyen pou klas la: https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/MTIwMzM4Njg1NTM3





    6th Grade Math Standards

    Common Core Standards

    Hello Parents, Guardians and Students,

    Welcome! My name is Ms. R. Gomez and I am currently teaching 6th grade Mathematics. My classroom #416 is located on the 4th floor of the Rosa Parks building.

    Students in my classes will be expected to be prepared for class each day with their materials as well as their homework. I assign homework daily and most of the homework will require the use of the internet and technology devices as it will be posted on Google Classroom.

     I will be using "Remind" this year to keep in contact with you throughout the year. If you have any questions about your child, you can message me on the app. It is free and your child was given the personalized code for you to connect with me.

    Let's make it a great year!!!