gnome hi Mrs. Ellen Brandt 6th Grade ELA


         It is hard to believe we are approaching summer break. Just a reminder that students need to complete five see readers each week and 45 minutes of I-ready lessons. We have completed Module three of the new sixth grade curriculum and the students seemed to have loved it. This module and next include plenty of writing. We are now into Module four. This Module focuses on how storytelling reveals many things about human kind and the world. 

    In the fourth and final module of the year, the students will read stories from Discovering Your Voice and Hidden Truths to determine the lessons we can learn from others. They will delve into a variety of stories, fables, and fairytales to analyze and interpret messages from the texts.

             Parents, please feel free to contact me regarding your student's progress. Reaching out via class DoJo is always an easy way to reach me. Also, please be aware that students will be going outside for their mask break, so please remember to send them a coat, hat, and gloves if necessary. 



    Students are not members of my Google Classrooms and WILL have to join.

    They will be able to do this from their Chrome books in school. 

    I can be reached via Class DoJo or email. My email address is brandtel@orange.k12.nj.us

    The following are my class DoJo codes if you have not yet joined: 

    Bates homeroom


    Brandt homeroom


    Hanson homeroom





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