apple Mrs. Ellen Brandt 6th Grade ELA


         Welcome back. It is exciting getting back to in-person learning, and I am looking forward to a successful year. So far, the days spent with students have been productive. This year, Orange has embarked on a new ELA curriculm which promises to be engaging and exciting for students.

         During Module One, sixth grade students will explore the topics "Surviving the Unthinkable" and "Never Give Up" to determine what it means to survive. The students will read accounts of survival from different points in history, poetry, short stories, and graphic novels to understand how people overcome challenges. Using the various genres, students will analyze characters’ perspectives and points of view. They will also take a closer look at the impact of setting in terms of geography, historical time period, and culture to understand characters motives and decisions. Students will learn that focus and dedication, surpassing limitations, and reflection, impact our ability to survive and overcome obstacles in life. At the end of the module, the students will be challenged to reflect on the readings to explain what traits led the various characters they have read about to survival and why these traits were significant.


    Students are not members of my Google Classrooms and WILL have to join.

    They will be able to do this from their Chrome books in school. 

    I can be reached via Class DoJo or email. My email address is brandtel@orange.k12.nj.us

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