Module 2 

    Week of 


    Week of 11/21

    Cupcake vs. Apple (video),

    To Your Health! &

    Eco-Friendly Food by Cath Senker 

    Week of 11/28

    Young Guardian (video) &

    Now You’re Cooking

    Week of 12/5

    Bug Bites & 

    Extended Writing Task

    Week of 12/12

    Week of 12/19

    “Saving the Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles” (documentary)  & On Sea Turtles Patrol

    Week of 1/2

    The Eco Guardians & 

    How Can We Reduce Household Waste? 

    Week of 1/9

    Seeds of Change

    Week of 1/16

    Week of 1/23

    Performance Task w/ Revisions