• For this class you will need a notebook and pencil.


    *You may use any supplies you have to complete assignments*


    Look around your home for items we could possibly use during virtual learning in Google Classroom for ART


    1. pencil

    2. ruler

    3. scissors

    4. glue

    5. markers / highlighter

    6. crayons

    7. paint: water colors, acrylic, tempera cakes etc.

    8. water container

    9. paper towel

    10. tape

    11. color pencils

    12. oil pastels

    13. eraser

    14. plastic or paper plate / palette

    15. miscellaneous: toilet paper roll, paper towel roll, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, stickers, buttons etc.

    16. paper: cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, magazins, envelopes (junk mail)