• Find a safe, quiet place for class and work time

    Sign in to Google Classroom ON TIME

    Please keep your mic OFF until I call on you

    Camera on please

    First 5 minutes of class there will always be a Do Now

    No Food or drinks near technology during class time

    Keep on earbuds for focus 

    Please raise your hand or type in an emoji if you have a question or comment

    ALWAYS be respectful not only to me, but to your CLASSMATES and YOURSELF

    Please do not talk over each other

    Let's have FUN learning in Google Meet

    Try your best

    Exit Ticket: Padlet / Peardeck

    BRAIN BREAK = bathroom, drink, stretch, deep breaths, 5 minutes  

    * No pictures, No videos and No voice recording of Google Meets - Respect everyones Privacy 

    ** Empty google assignments will result in a 0. Please make sure your work is uploaded **