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Science News      

Dear Family,

We are studying physics and chemistry in a new unit, Motion and Matter. We will be studying forces and what happens when they are balanced and unbalanced. We will observe and compare how magnets attract and repel, how gravity always pulls toward Earth’s center, and how the motion of objects can change when they roll and spin. We will be looking for patterns in order to make predictions about things that move. We will then move on to some basic chemistry to find out what happens when two substances are mixed. We will communicate orally and in writing the things we discover. The processes of observing, communicating, and comparing are important thinking processes that your child will use during our investigation of motion and matter. Our goal is to lay a foundation for more advanced inquiry into the concepts of physical science as students continue their studies in the future. And in the process of finding out about these topics, we will be exercising the science practices that are at the core of the scientific enterprise. We’ll put what we’ve learned about force and motion into action, and learn about engineering practices when we design and redesign rolling carts to meet a variety of challenges. Your child might be interested in trying some things at home. If you have any kind of building sets, craft sticks, or other odds and ends, including old CDs or DVDs for wheels, your child might be interested in continuing cart design at home. You can also make a zoomer toy as described in the home/school connection I’ll be sending home in a few weeks. We’re looking forward to our new unit on forces, motion, and engineering that will provide lots of learning and lots of fun! You can get more information on this module by going to


Ms. Devose