•                                                Welcome to a new school year 2021-2022!


                                                                                       WELCOME 2021-2022                                                      Hello Parents and students:

    It is the beginnning of a new school year 2021-2022! 

    I am so happy to be starting a new school year with the students in school! 

    I am working with students in Mr. Balbosa's homeroom and Ms. Adu's homeroom for fourth grade teaching English with Mr. Mc Carren. I will also be working with students in 6'th grade in in Ms. Gama's homeroom, Ms. Gomez's Homeroom(teaching in Mr. Ugochukwu's ELA class), and Ms. Brandt's homeroom. In purple are the google classroom codes. The google meet links for these classes can also be found in the extended learning resources of this page.

    Mr. Balbosa- prupdoe

    Mrs. Adu-obi63vl
    I will also be working with the following sixth grade teachers: 

    Ms. Gama-k4ph5ci

    Ms. Brandt-usarjex
    Mr. Ugochukwu-k2s7yr7
    Additionally, I am working with Ms. Catanzarite in 7'th Grade. I will be working with this class during whole group, therefore I will not be setting up a separate google classroom for these students.

    Although we will be in school, we will still be using google classroom to post assignments. In the case of an emergency school closure this will help students will maintain familiarity with doing their work online so there are less academic interruptions.

    I have class dojo for all of my small groups that I teach so you can see what skills your child is working on with me. You can use the link in the extended learning resources page to attach yourself to the class dojo I have set up. In the event that we are not in school again for some reason, I have also included the google meet links for each small group so that your child may attend classes. 


    If you have any questions or need help with anything, you can e mail me at bahomdje@orange.k12.nj.us or you can simply message me in class dojo.