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    A truly democratic society relies on its citizens to be informed and ready to act. What good is a government of the people, for the people, and by the people if the people themselves have no idea of what their role as citizens entails or to what civic rights as citizens they are entitled?

    Preparing people to become knowledgeable and proactive members of a democratic society requires that they receive proper instruction in civics. Civics education should be included as part of any school’s curriculum.

    The value of civics education goes far beyond polictics.  We know that high-quality civics educaiton has positve furture benefits for students, who will be more likely to: 

    • Vote and discuss politics at home
    • Volunteer and work on community issues
    • Speak publicly and communicate with elected representatives

    It also develops skills that help student in other academic areas:

    • Critical thinking
    • Civil debate 
    • Classroom confidence 


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