Visual and Performing Arts

    Donna Sinisgalli, Ed.D


    e-mail: sinisgdo@orange.k12.nj.us

    973-677-4000 x5056



    Students develop and hone talents to become responsible contributors to society,masters or lifelong patrons of the arts.


    Orange Public Schools Visual and Performing Arts' mission is to provide opportunities for students to discover inherent abilities and improve student achievement as they progress through proficiency, accomplishment, and advancement levels of the Arts.  The program seeks to increase self-esteem and thereby build confidence that translates into self-efficacy in the Arts as well as other subject areas.  The Visual and Performing Arts program includes rigorous assignments, teaching technical proficiencies along with English, math, history, culture, and technology to prepare students to be successful global citizens of the 21st Century.  Fostering community involvement through partnerships with local art organizations and encouraging participation in student art exhibits, performances, and enrichment programs enables the district to bring student talents to the forefront.