• Entering and Exiting the Band Room 

    Enter the band room quietly. Use the main entrance to enter and exit. Do not push, shove, or try to stuff too many people through the doorway or hallway at the same time. Use common sense and be polite.

    Before Band
    Save your questions. Allow the teacher time to get ready for your class without questions or conversations. There will be an appropriate time to ask questions during class. It is OK to hand the teacher a note from your parents or another teacher if necessary. 

    Being on Time for Class
    Students must be in their assigned seats by the time the tardy bell rings, or they will be marked tardy. Once bands are playing instruments, students must be in their assigned seats, ready to play, by one minute after the tardy bell rings. Students who are just walking in the door when the tardy bell rings will be required to get a tardy slip to enter and will be marked tardy. 

    Getting Ready for Class
    Once you have entered the band room, quietly assemble your instrument at your chair (if it is small) or other appropriate place if it is large. Do not block doors or other people’s spaces with your case. Except for small instruments such as flute, clarinet, and oboe, do not assemble your instrument at your chair. Your instrument case and any materials not used for band should remain out of the way of the band rehearsal area. This means no saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone/euphonium, or tuba cases under or next to your chair. Leave your other classes’ materials on the back table – do not bring them to your seat. Bring your notebook, band folder (you will receive this in class), planner and pencil to class every day. 

    Always make sure your seat and music stand are adjusted so that you can see the director and the director can see you. It is your responsibility to adjust your chair so that you and the director can see each other’s faces. If you need to ask someone in front of you to scoot over, you may do so in a quiet and polite manner. 

    Once You Are Seated
    Check the board for the agenda, follow any special directions, get your music in order on your stand, and make sure your pencil is on the music stand (you need your own pencil – do not share pencils). Play your instrument only when directed to do so by the director. 

    During Band Class
    Once the director has stepped onto the podium, give him or her your complete attention. Stay in your seat and follow directions. Do not leave your chair unless the director has asked you to do so (not even to get a drink of water). Do not play instrument or talk out of turn. 

    Do not get up during class to get water. You may bring your own water in a closable bottle to class, and drink at an appropriate time (not when you’re supposed to be playing or right when the down beat is about to happen!). Remember to take your water bottle with you when class is over. 

    Turning Papers In/Getting Credit
    All papers go to the inbox. Do not hand papers to the director/on director’s desk, or they will probably be misplaced, and you will not get credit. Do not get up during class to turn something in. Keep in mind that if you are filling out papers during class, it looks like you might be cheating, so don’t do it! If necessary, students may come in after school and place papers in the inbox. 

    Your first and last name must be printed legibly on anything you turn in. If the name cannot be read, or if you leave it blank, you will not get credit. Practice sheets without parent signatures receive a zero. 

    Do not ask to leave class to go to your locker for any reason. You knew you were coming to band when you walked down the hallway to the band room. Know if you have things in your locker you need for band and prepare to get those before you come to class. 

    After Band Class
    Clean up the area around your chair, picking up any items off the floor. Push stand down and leave it neatly by your chair. The last class of the day puts all stands away neatly in the carts. 

    Everyone in Band shares the room, so everyone should help keep it neat and orderly. If you see something on the floor, pick it up and put it in the right place. Students who leave a mess in the band room will be assigned cleaning duty or other consequences. Show your pride for the Band Program by keeping our room clean and orderly. 

    Percussionists... and others... do not eat, chew, or drink, then leave trash (from said eating, chewing, or drinking) hidden in the back rooms, corners, cubbies, behind doors, in instrument cases, or behind cabinets. Eventually, those things are found, and it makes your director sad. Throw your trash in the trash bin. 

    Wait in the band room for dismissal. Do not congregate by the hallway or enter the hallway. When dismissed, exit through the exit door without pushing, shoving, etc. 

    Each row must have the right number of chairs. When that is determined, we will have a diagram. If you come to band and the number of chairs in your row seems to be incorrect, please check it and the surrounding rows and fix it yourself if necessary. Don’t waste class time telling me that your row is missing a chair or has an extra chair. Make sure that each person is sitting in the right place and/or check the number of chairs in your row and in the surrounding rows.