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My name is Mrs. Alexander-Taylor and 2023-2024 is my 19th year at Rosa Parks Community School. I am a certified Special Education and general education teacher.  I am super excited that I will be working with you to explore new opportunities for learning this school year. 

I am very passionate about education, but my favorite subject to teach is English Language Arts (ELA). I currently co-teach English Language Arts grades 4 to 7 with some awesome colleagues.  I also enjoy using technology and this year we will continue to strengthen our skills utilizing the different platforms from the previous school year.  

I believe all children have the potential to be successful and I look forward to helping your child excel and reach his or her full potential.  This can only be done with your help! By working together to build a classroom community of respect, kindness, and understanding, we can help students succeed.  We can also help students, not only improve the quality of their own lives, but also their interactions with others.  We are partners in this educational journey!