• Anti-Bullying Specialist 

     School Safety & School Culture Team Chairperson

    Pamela Venable
    973 677-4500 ext. 3660

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    Under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights, principals are required to appoint one of their staff members as the school’s anti-bullying specialist. The law specifies that the principal must appoint the currently employed guidance counselor, school psychologist, or another similarly trained individual to fill this role.

    The School Safety & School Climate Team

    The school anti-bullying specialist is required to chair a school safety & school climate team composed of the principal (or his or her designee) and the following other appointees of the principal:  a teacher in the school, a parent of a student in the school, and other members determined by the principal. The law specifies that the parent on the team may not participate in any activities the team undertakes that may compromise student confidentiality.

    According to the legislation, the purpose of the school safety & school climate team is to develop, foster, and maintain a positive school climate. Such teams will identify and address patterns of harassment, intimidation, or bullying.