• Stop Bullying!!! Speak up!!!
    Information about the new Anti-Bullying Law for New Jersey that went into effect September 1, 2011:
    Based on the book: Don't Laugh At Me by Steve Seskin, Glin Dibley, and Allen Shamblin
    Here is a fun Anti-Bully Rap performed by students at
    Teasley Elementary in Smyrna,GA
    Bullying Videos
    Video #1 Maya and Miguel The Bunny and the Bully
    A new kid named Jimmy McCorkle moves in across the street and – at least it seems to Miguel and his friends – begins to bully everyone around. He kicks Miguel’s soccer ball over their building, rips apart Maya’s favorite video game, and commands Theo to remember his name…or else. Maya, however, is not so sure; she thinks maybe Jimmy’s not so bad. When Jimmy buys Maya and Miguel’s favorite bunny rabbit from the pet store, Maya decides they have to find out once and for all whether Jimmy really is a bully, or just misunderstood.
    Click to watch:  Maya and Miguel
    Bully Maya and Miguel
    Video #2 Silent Witness
    Kyle was a victim of bullying in middle school and became a bully to other kids through his insecurities. He felt betrayed and hurt by his so-called friends because they were silent and would not stick up for him.
    Click Here to watch: Bullying Movie