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      Unit 1: Finding Volume ENGLISH // SPANISH

      In this unit, students find the volume of rectangular prisms and figures composed of two prisms.

      Unit 2: Fractions as Quotients and Fraction Multiplication ENGLISH // SPANISH

      In this unit, students solve problems involving division of whole numbers with answers that are fractions (which could be in the form of mixed numbers). They develop an understanding of fractions as the division of the numerator by the denominator, that is a ÷ b = a/b. They then solve problems that involve the multiplication of a whole number by a fraction or mixed number.

      Unit 3: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions ENGLISH // SPANISH

      In this unit, students use area concepts to represent and solve problems involving the multiplication of two fractions, and generalize that when they multiply two fractions, they need to multiply the two numerators and the two denominators to find their product. They also reason about the relationship between multiplication and division to divide a whole number by a unit fraction and a unit fraction by a whole number.

      Unit 4: Wrapping Up Multiplication and Division with Multi-Digit Numbers ENGLISH // SPANISH

      In this unit, students multiply and divide multi-digit whole numbers using place value understanding, properties of operations, and the relationship between multiplication and division. They use the standard algorithm to multiply multi-digit whole numbers and partial quotients algorithms to divide whole numbers up to four digits by two digits. They then apply these skills as they solve problems involving volume.

      Unit 5: Place Value Patterns and Decimal Operations ENGLISH // SPANISH

      In this unit, students use place value understanding to round, compare, order, add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals.

      Unit 6: More Decimal and Fraction Operations ENGLISH // SPANISH

      In this unit, students solve multi-step problems involving measurement conversions, line plots, and fraction operations, including addition and subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators. They also explain patterns when multiplying and dividing by powers of 10. Students interpret multiplication as scaling by comparing products with factors.

      Unit 7: Shapes on the Coordinate Plane ENGLISH // SPANISH

      In this unit, students are introduced to the structure of the coordinate grid, and the convention and notation of coordinates to name points. They classify triangles and quadrilaterals in a hierarchy based on properties of side length and angle measure. In their work with numerical patterns, students generate two different numerical patterns, and identify relationships between the corresponding terms in the patterns.

      Unit 8: Pulling It All Together ENGLISH // SPANISH

      In this unit, students put together their understanding from throughout the year to cap off major work and fluency goals of the grade.