Preschool Supply List 2022-2023

  •  Preschool Supply List

    (2) Long Sleeve shirts 

    (2) socks 

    (2) underwear  

    A pack of pull-ups with side Velcro

    (2) pants

    (1) Regular sized bookbag

    (2) packs of Baby Wipes

    (2) boxes of Powder-Free disposable gloves Size:M/L/ 

    (1) Container of Lysol Wipes

    (2) Tissue boxes

    (1) Hand sanitizer without alcohol

    (1) pack of plain white copy paper

    (1) glue bottle

    (1) glue stick

    (1) pack of microwaveable bowls

    (1) pack of small paper plates 



     **Also, please make sure extra clothes are LABELED and WEATHER APPROPRIATE. Soon the weather will be changing into the colder seasons. Therefore, please also be sure to LABEL all hats, scarves, and gloves so they do not get lost.


    For Nap Time

    -Crib sheet

    -Small blanket


    *A fitted crib sheet and a medium sized blanket. No pillows please.(*Note: To State Regulations, all blankets and sheets will be sent home every Friday to be cleaned and returned on Monday.)