Rosa Parks Community School

    7th Grade ELA

    Ms. Sheerene Brown

    September 2023



    Dear Students and Parents 


     Welcome Back!


    I hope you enjoyed the summer months and did something exciting every chance you had.  I hope that everyone is healthy and that you are taking good care of yourselves.  It is good to see you back.

    For this 2023 - 2024 School Year we are expecting great things from Rosa Parks Community School’s 7th Grade students and their families.  We are embarking upon some new and exciting ventures this year and we need your engagement and your support.  Together we will make it through.

    Rosa Parks' students and their parents are expected to work hard and do their best to maintain the high academic standards that will challenge them every day.  This work must be evidence of good thinking, rigorous engagement, and precise design.



      7th Graders have S.W.A.G.!



          Rosa Parks      7th Grade       

      Homeroom 413

    Ms. S. Brown

    2023– 2024


    Student Supplies         

                Pencils, Pens, and erasers (every day)

              Loose Leaf Paper

              One-subject spiral notebooks  (as needed)

              Textbook, Articles, Journals, etc. needed for each class   

              One   Marble Bound Composition Notebook   

              Homework/Assignment Book 

              Students’ Daily Schedule


    Classroom Supplies


               Hand Sanitizer

               Paper Towels

               Disinfectant wipes



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