• Dear parents and students;

    Please check this website every day for students instruction.

    Work will be posted in Google Classroom for students to complete.  If there are questions, I can be reached through email at: sardinli@orange.k12.nj.us, Classroom Dojo, and Google Classroom. 

    Office Hours of contact: 11:00-12:00 and  2:00-3:00  (Monday - Friday)


    Expectations for Home Instruction (grade 3-7): 

    Students are logging in to Google Classroom twice a week to complete assignments. 

    All assignments will be turned in through Google Classroom.

    Feedback will be provided on assignments by teacher.

    Make sure to submit all assignments before their due dates.


    Expectations for Home Instruction (grade K-2)

    Assignmets through Classroom Dojo and worksheets activities.

    Make sure to submit all assignments before their due dates.


    How to access Google Classroom:

    • Log in to google using student google account. 
    • Click the waffle at the top right.
    • Click classroom.
    • Add the class using the code or click the link to the classroom.
    • Complete the assignment


    Google Classroom Codes:

    Grade 7A:    lrudzzy

    grade 7B:    wahzvxb

    grade 7F:   6zetbe4

    grade 6A:   vcl2nvb

    grade 6B:   zymf3a2

    grade 6F:   5racjsw

    grade 5A:   6fs2bee

    grade 5B:   kpqwugz

    grade 5F1 (Friday 10:00-10:45):  eyy5sev

    grade 5F2 (Friday 10:45-11:30):  263bw6x

    grade 4 (Higgins):  3ejatea

    grade 4 (Sulejmanosvski):  civrcxb

    grade 4 (Holma):  ferqmij

    grade 3 (Tynes):  7hwp7no

    grade 3 (Taylor):  zcipacu

    grade 3 (Assia):  ekgajfp


    Additional Website and Resource