Dear Student(s) and Parent(s), 
    Welcome to the Orange Public School District's Guidance Department webpage!
    Our site is dedicated to providing information to students, parents, educators, staff and community partners to ensure that we provide our scholars with College and Career Readiness skills and opportunities to be world class citizens!
    Our dedicated team consists of, but is not limited to, School Counselors, Social Workers, HIB School Specialist, I&RS Committee, 504 School Committee and our post-secondary college/university institutional partners like Rutgers TRIO Talent Search, N.J.I.T., Essex County College, Seton Hall University Junior MBA and Project Acceleration programs. Together, our efforts support the instructional integrity of the school district by providing data through varying channels, such as our comprehensive school counseling program and developing the school climate and culture, ensuring that students are enrolled in school to be successful and graduate to post-secondary opportunities.  Together, we are developing the leaders of today with a vision and plan that they will succeed ! 
    "Good to Great"
    Supervisor of Guidance