Project Child Find – Special Education – Jersey City Public Schools

    Project Child Find is a referral and awareness service of the New Jersey Department of Education to help identify children not served, birth to twenty-one years of age.


    Infants and Toddlers (Birth to Three)

    If you are concerned that your infant or toddler is developing or learning differently, you can contact an Early Intervention Service Coordinator. The Early Intervention Service Coordinator in Essex County can be reached at 973-395-8836. When you call, a Service Coordinator will provide you with information regarding services and other resources that may be available for you and your family. The Early Intervention Service Coordinator may arrange for your child to have a developmental evaluation at no cost to you. The evaluation will determine if your child is eligible for early intervention services, which can help to meet your child’s developmental needs.

    Early Intervention Services are provided to children:

    Ø Within the family’s routine

    Ø Within their natural environment (home and community)

    Ø In settings which children without disabilities participate

    Ø With active participation of families

    Preschool Children and Students (Three through Twenty-One)

    If you are concerned about your preschool child or student’s development, you can call

    your Public School District or County Supervisor of Child Study Teams to find the appropriate

    person in your District to contact.  You can reach the Essex County Child Study Team Supervisor at 973-621-1678.  The county supervisor will refer you to your district’s Special Education Department, where they will assist you with any questions you may have.


    If you would like an evaluation to determine eligibility for Special Education and Related Services, a written request must be made to the Director of Special Services.  Include your child’s name, age, current school and suspected or known disability. After receiving your written request, the Child Study Team will have twenty days to meet with you.  At that time you and the Child Study Team will determine what evaluations should be conducted.


    To the maximum extent, appropriate preschoolers and students with disabilities receive their education with their non-disabled peers.