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    Blessed Hope Daycare Center

    234 Scotland Road

    Orange, New Jersey 07050

    Tel: 973-678-0098

    Fax: 973-678-0096

    Director: Shem Onditi

    Number of Preschool Classrooms: 6



    Montclair Child Development Center / Head Start

    261 William Street

    Orange, New Jersey 07050

    Tel: 973-674-0166

    Fax: 973-674-1375

    Executive Director: Tanya Poteat

    Deputy Director of Operations: Roslyn Terry

    Education Programs and Service Manager: Kimberly Honnick, Ed.D.

    Education Site Supervisor: Kim Barnes

    Number of Preschool Classrooms: 15



    Norjenes Day Care Center

    95 South Essex Avenue

    Orange, New Jersey 07050

    Tel: 973-677-4299

    Fax: 973-677-0772

    Executive Director: Norma Adams

    Number of Preschool Classrooms: 6



    Valley Settlement House

    33-41 Tomplins Street

    West Orange, New Jersey 07052

    Tel: 973-678-2550

    Fax: 973-678-7298

    Director: Marcina Fox

    Numbr of Preshool Classrooms: 3



    West Orange Community House

    242 Main Street

    West Oramge, New Jersey 07052

    Tel: 973-736-1282

    Fax: 973736-9071

    Director: Susan Ambio

    Number of Preschool Classrooms: 4