• Mr. V will be available online 8:30-12:30 for online in person classes (students will be following their schedules). I will also be available 1:00-3:20pm to answer any and all questions students or parents may have. Lessons and work will also be displayed here once given.


    Afternoon Breakdown for Mr. V will be as follows:

    1:00-1:45 - I will be available via email during this time.

    1:45-2:30 - Small Group/Office Hours (I will be available for any questions the students may have)

    2:30-3:20 - Office Hours

    Also, google meet links will be located in your google classroom class the day we are supposed to meet, so always check that first! 

    Every student should have the exact same small group link, this link has been posted in the individual google classrooms.