Stand Out

Class Newsletter

  • Goals

    My goals this school year are to work towards teaching

    your child strategies that allow them to be more

    independent readers, foster an environment in my

    the classroom that encourages reading outside of the




    This year your child will be instructed using the writing program First Author’s which will help them in the development of their writing skills. We will be reading several novels from ReadTopia that will build your child’s literacy skills. In mathematics, the curriculum that will be used is the GoMath curriculum and students will be tested using the NWEA assessment, to show how much they have grown and to inform us on further steps that should be taken in order to build your child’s skill set. In Mathematics we will be working on developing our students’ number sense and having more hands-on experiences with numbers.

    The children will work collaboratively with their peers when completing many classroom assignments that are on the computer. Many of the math lessons will be interactive lessons where students view an interactive model. For both Science and Social Studies lessons, your child will learn many of the concepts interactively through an online teaching tool, Brainpop.


    Lastly, our children will continue to work on building Mathematics and Literacy skills during the intervention block.



    We want your child to learn and have opportunities to grow and develop.  Some of the opportunities and resources listed below are there to help your child to do their best.




    • ClassDojo
    • BrainPop
    • After School Enrichment/ Homework Help
    • H.E.R.O an attendance incentive program
    • ThinkCentral
    • MobyMax
    • System44/Read 180