• Office of Mathematics 


    Office of Mathematics 


    "The Office of Mathematics exists to provide the students it serves with a mathematical ‘lens’-- allowing them to better access the world with improved decisiveness, precision, and dexterity; facilities attained as students develop a broad and deep understanding of mathematical content. Achieving this goal defines our work - ensuring that students are exposed to excellence via a rigorous, standards-driven mathematics curriculum, knowledgeable and effective teachers, and policies that enhance and support learning."




     Ms. Meng Li Chi Liu

    Supervisor of Mathematics, Grades 9-12



    Ms. Belinda Komarica

    Supervisor of Mathematics, Grades K - 5



    Ms. Farjana Rahman

    Mathematics Teacher Coach, Grades 9-12



    Ms. Mel Comerchero

    Mathematics Teacher Coach, Grades K-2



    Ms. Francisca Osuji

    Mathematics Teacher Coach, Grades 6-8