The Office of Science actively works to ensure that all students are actively engaged learners. Through an interdisciplinary educational approach, our dedicated staff work to promote an appreciation and curiosity for the Sciences within our students.  Through equitable and rigorous Next Generation Science Standards-aligned coursework, our K-12 Students gain a deeper and dynamic working knowledge of Science and Engineering Practices so that they can engage in rich experiences that help them to develop the skills necessary to pursue College Majors and Careers in Science, Engineering, and Technology upon graduation.  Our goal is for our Science students to become life-long Science learners., through daily practical, active, hands-on, student-lead investigations and work.





    Provide all students with equitable access to rigorous curriculum with aligned instructional materials and assessments in all grade levels.

    Provide opportunities reflective of research and best practices for K-12 students to construct knowledge and engage with scientific phenomena through implementation of innovative science curriculum programming that fosters learning, deep understanding, and application of core science content, conceptual understandings, science and engineering practices and cross cutting concepts.


    GOAL 2: 21st CENTURY LEARNING and Instruction

    Facilitate the implementation of STEM-focused instructional models;  extended and structured learning experiences that promote the necessary 21st skills to effectively engage all learners, support their unique needs, promote ‘passion, play, and purpose,’ and adequately prepare students for college and careers (e.g. critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, oral, written and multimedia communication, etc.)



    Support and advance the development and use of assessments (diagnostic, formative, summative, authentic) that measures student achievement based on the Next Generation Science Standards, and use the data resulting from these assessments to enhance teaching and learning.



    Initiate, build, and sustain collaborations and partnerships to provide specific and focused professional development to support the teaching and learning of core science content, conceptual understandings, science and engineering practices and cross cutting concepts for grades K-12


     Goal 5: Administrative and Community Support Goal

    Build the capacity to enhance science education and ensure career readiness by involving stakeholder partnerships and alliances between school districts, institutions of higher education, science education professional organizations, business and industry, informal education organizations, government agencies, and the larger learning communities: local, regional, state, national, and international arenas.




     Mr. Henie Parillon

    Supervisor of Science, Grades K-12



     Ms. Andrea Henry

    Coach for Science/STEM, Grades 5 - 12



     Ms. Dallis Whitley

    Coach for Science/STEM, Grades K-4