Drama Teacher Name: Mrs. Keshner
    Email Address:  keshnebr@orange.k12.nj.us






    Welcome to Oakwood Avenue Community School


    My name is Mrs. Britt Keshner and I am the director of drama at the Oakwood Avenue Community School. 

    In the class, students will participate in theater games, pantomime, characterization, vocal and physical warm-ups, and develop social/personal skills through partner and group work. They will participate by using their voices, bodies, and writing skills. Overall, students will have experience performing in front of each other, which will help improve their confidence throughout their school and adult years.


    1. Come to class on time and have good attendance.

    2. Participate in all warm-ups, activities, and critiques.

    3. Respect the classroom, fellow classmates, and teacher.  

    4. Stay on task, show effort, and contribute ideas during group work/class work.

    5. No gum chewing or eating in class.


    Please contact me at keshnebr@orange.k12.nj.us.