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    Student Virtual Learning Daily Schedule (Phase 1 and 2)

    • 8:30-9:00 am- Parent will “like” the first morning Dojo post for attendance before 9am. Breakfast time, preparation/set up for the start of school day (be sure that all technology is charged up and that materials and supplies for the day are ready in advance.
    • 9-10 am- LIVE Greeting time, Message time, Brain Break, Read Aloud Story
    • 10-11am- Asynchronous (home activity) posted in Class Dojo, Outside time/Work Time Children can work independently on assigned tasks, Children can develop their large muscles by going outside or to the park to run, jump., play ball, ride a bike, etc…
    • 11-12 am- LIVE Large Group Time (music, movement, nursery rhymes), Small Group Time (Work on Language Arts, Math, Science, Social/Emotional Learning)
    • 12-1:30 pm- Lunch/Nap Time for children
    • 1:30-3:00pm- Asynchronous (home activity) posted in Class Dojo, Outside Time/Work Time, Children can work independently on assigned tasks. Post pictures/videos in Class Dojo Portfolio.



    We will take two types of attendance daily: 

    Every morning the child's parent must ''like" the teacher's morning message on Class Dojo. This counts as the morning attendance. 

    There is also a participation attendance.  Your child's teacher will take attendance when your child is logged into their virtual classroom and assignments are posted to Class Dojo in the "Portfolio" section.