• Monday June 15

    Yesterday America celebrated Flag Day.  What do you know about the United States of America’s flag? 

    Watch this read aloud story.  As you watch point out all the flags you see in the illustrations.  



    Paper Patterns: 

    Take out some red and white paper. Draw straight lines across the paper. Have your child cut on the lines to create strips. Then have your child create an A/B pattern: red/white pattern.  Add another color, cut strips and have your child make an A/B/C pattern. 


    ABC Countdown End of Year Activity! 

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    Clean the Cars. 

    Take your child’s toy cars or animals outside.  Bring a bucket of soapy water and a small brush or unused toothbrush.

    Have your child dirty up and then clean their cars/animals with the brush.  This activity teaches your child how to clean things and strengthens their hand muscles. 

    Tuesday June 16

    Ice Cream Math 

    Materials Needed:  

    Tongs or tweezers 



    Marker or Pen 

    Pom Poms or Cotton Balls 

    Cut triangles out of paper. *If you have, you can use brown paper so it looks like ice cream cones. Or maybe you can even recycle a grocery bag and cut out “cones” from that.   

    Write numbers on each cone. *For younger children numbers 1-10.  Older children going to Kindergarten or who have mastered numbers 0-10 can do numbers 10-20.   

    Then, use the tongs or tweezers to place the pom poms or cotton balls. Whatever you have at home, on top of the ice cream cone like “scoops” of ice cream until it matches the number on the cone. *As shown in the picture above. For example, if the cone says the number 5, there should be 5 pom poms or cotton balls on top of the cone.  

    Continue activity until all the cones have “scoops” of ice cream on them.  

    *For a challenge and practice, have your child write the numbers on the cones. Move the cone numbers out of order and have your child put back in order. 


    ABC Countdown End of Year Activity!

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    Gross Motor 

    Have fun moving to the song, Have Fun This Summer by Jack Hartman.  


    Wednesday June 17



    Repeat their favorite rhymes often; it will give them a sense of how rhyming works. 

    Name some words and see if your child can make up some words that rhyme: 

    Try: Beach, Ocean, Shark, Fish, Summer 


    ABC Countdown End of Year Activity! 

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    Thursday June 18
    4 Wonderful Things We Learned from Water Slides | Stem challenges ...

    Use materials you have around the house such as toilet paper and paper towel rolls, straws, plates and bowls, foil, q-tips to make your own waterslide.  

    Send us pictures of your finished product! We would love to see and post to Class Dojo for your friends to see as well. 😊  

    Have fun and happy constructing! 


    ABC Countdown End of Year Activity! 

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