• Monday May 18

    This week we will be learning about plants and flowers. Today we will explore the parts of a Plant: 

    Drawing the parts of a plant.  You will need: 

    Paper, crayons, pencil, or markers. 

    1. Play the song below and name the parts of a plant. 
    1.  Next as the song is playing (you may need to pause it if it’s going too fast), draw all the parts of a plant 
    1. Send us the picture of your flowers. 

    Drawing is a great activity to strengthen small muscles that will eventually be used for writing.  

    Parts of a plant song:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql6OL7_qFgU  


    Additional Activities: 

    Peep Plants a Seed:  


    Sid The Science Kid: Growing Plants 


    Sesame Street Grow a Garden Game: 



    Feeling Faces 

    How is your child feeling today? How are you feeling today?  Look at the faces on the chart together and help your child identify how he or she is feeling.  Maybe scroll through some pictures on your phone and see if you can find a happy face or a sad face or an angry face.  Make faces together with your child and enjoy the fun of making silly faces together, too! 

    Emotional Strength and Living Courageously | Feelings activities ...

    Here is a link to a book on YouTube that you can enjoy together:  The Way I Feel 


    Tuesday May 19  

    Plant Theme: Preschool Math Flower Petal Counting (Free Printable!)

    Math: Flower Petal Counting 

    Adult will create flowers with a numeral inside (younger students: numbers 1-10, older students: numbers 10-20) 

     Child will pick a flower, read the numeral and put that many “petals” on the flower.  “Petals” could be small rocks, small Legos, cotton balls, or any small objects that you have a lot of.   


    Alphabet Countdown! 

    As the end of the year approaches, we will begin our alphabet countdown!!!  This is a fun, fantastic way to review the alphabet with your child. 

    Letter: Aa 

    ABC Countdown Scavenger Hunts - Primary Playground

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFG_wchwpUk 

    Wednesday May 20

    Write about the book Planting a Rainbow.  

    Watch the read aloud story. 



    In your journal or on a piece of paper write about this topic: "If you were planting a garden, what would you plant?" 

    Draw your picture; don’t forget about the parts of a flower or plant: roots, stem, leaves, petals. 

    Younger children write 5 or more recognizable letters. Adult can write the words the child dictates. 

    Older children use invented spelling (sounding out the words) to write your own words. 


    Alphabet Countdown! 

    ABC Countdown Scavenger Hunts - Primary Playground

    Water Bottle Flowers 

    Soda Pop Bottle Print Flowers - Kids Activities | Saving Money ...

    Dip the bottom of the water bottle (or soda bottle) into the paint and press it onto the paper. Use crayons or markers to make stems and leaves.   

    Gross Motor 

    Click on the link to listen and move to Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes for Trees.  


    Thursday May 21

    Scavenger Hunts - Primary Playground

    Now it’s your turn. Collect some items around the house and tell a family member a number story.  

    Alphabet Countdown: For Today and Tomorrow 

    Here's today's letter scavenger hunt!... - Primary Playground ...3553 Best TEACHER, TEACHER images in 2020 | Teaching, Teaching ...